Brian B.

Less than a year ago I found myself miserable, hating myself, and depressed. Like many people do, I made a New Years resolution to change my life. I started hitting the gym and changing my diet, but I wasn't experiencing the life changing results that I desired.

After a long hiatus, I returned to Peak Performance roughly 7 months ago for guidance and structure in my workouts. In this time, I was able to turn a seemingly impossible goal of losing some weight into a life style; A lifestyle which has changed my life more than I could've imagined. Not only have I lost over 110 pounds, but most importantly I'm the happiest I've ever been and I LOVE MY LIFE.

Thank you Mark and Lauren Davidson for their guidance, dedication, and continuing commitment towards my success and new life!
Peak was created to elevate the personal training experience to something special, something memorable, and more importantly, something that is life-changing. Our goal is to have each and every client reach their Peak in health and fitness.
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